Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on December 24, 2019

We, AtomGold is the only company which provides you a discount on every purchase. Here, you can purchase Gold (91.6% purity) at any time from the desired link, (sometimes you may get gold up to 50% off on your purchase by using the scratch cards) and can claim when it reaches to min. of 4 grams, from any of our franchisee Jewellery shops. If you want to claim/sell the purchased gold before it reaches 4 grams, feel free to contact us, will help you in any way. For our customers, we took a step to save their money along with gold, i.e., you can buy products whatever they wish from our site, which leads them to purchase directly from the local sellers/vendors/companies. If you are doing business, please register as “Become a Vendor” on the home page, get a page for your shop, and post your products to sell. By selling your products, we are not charging you any commission/registration/brokerage, instead of that you can give directly to the customers, so everyone will be happier.

So, Shoppers are happy as they are getting customers and getting more business.

Customers are happy as they are getting discounts on their every purchase, and getting delivers within a few hours of they booked.

AtomGold is much Happier as both are getting benefited.

Shipping internationally purely depends on the Vendor, if the Vendor has the license to do so, he/she can. Because this AtomGold is a non-profit company we cannot promise anything. We are connecting companies and sellers directly to the customers, we think this the first company in the world to do this. “Have a Happy Shopping.”

For any queries feel free to contact us at any working days/hours, just by clicking on the contact us page. You can mail us or call us. We are happy to extend our hands to help you at any time.

If you booked an order, you will receive a mail as confirmation which has all the details of the product and the Vendor details of whoever is sending you the product. Directly you can call them to Change or Cancel the order, even you may get a confirmation call from the vendor before delivering. Because mostly you will be getting the vendors list at your nearest location.

If you want to return/exchange/cancel the product you’ve purchased, you’ll be having a mail relating to the product and the supplier/vendor. Feel free to contact them and have a talk. For any further assistance contact us at any working time. Thank you.

Most of the products will deliver in just a few hours of booking if you selected an item which directly from companies or any other vendors outside of your region, it may take up to 3 to 4 working days. (we are not responsible for any further delay in courier and their charges).

No, but we can help you in at anyway, feel free to contact us at any working time. Thank you, Have a Happy Shopping

The Products available at are sold by the companies, sellers / Vendors, Atomgold is providing the platform to sell their products to make their business better & we are promoting them too. While booking you will be notified of the seller details at least while delivering the product. So that you can get in touch with them. Atomgold is not responsible for any damage/fake/any changes in colour/pattern or denied in product exchange, etc., Here, AtomGold shows the business to the sellers and the Companies and collecting only the maintenance charges and not taking any commissions.