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Hi to all I am Mylavarapu.praveen( Ex.Branch manager) .I had a 15 years of working Experience is in insurance& Banking I worked in M.N.C companies Like , Ing , kotak , Exide,sriRam ,Reliance .with That Expouser I started My own company. Pravin Associates. It was Corporate D.S.A Tie with 40 Banks & N B.F.C.S .I

బంగారం కొనే వారికి శుభవార్త.. దిగొచ్చిన ధరలు.. ఈరోజు రేట్లు ఇలా! | Gold rates are Down | Slashed

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బంగారం కొనే వారికి శుభవార్త.. దిగొచ్చిన ధరలు.. ఈరోజు రేట్లు ఇలా! బంగారం ధర వెలవెలబోయింది. పసిడి రేటు పడిపోయింది. బంగారం ధర దిగొచ్చింది. పసిడి కొనుగోలుదారులకు ఇది ఊరట కలిగించే అంశమని చెప్పుకోవచ్చు. అయితే వెండి రేటు మాత్రం పరుగులు పెట్టింది. ప్రధానాంశాలు: తగ్గిన బంగారం ధర పసిడి నేలచూపులు వెండి మాత్రం పైపైకి హైలైట్స్ చదవాలంటే యాప్‌ను డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేసుకోండి Gold rate బంగారం ధర పెరుగుదలకు బ్రేక్ పడింది. పరుగులు పెడుతూ వచ్చిన

Akshaya Tritiya 2021 – May 13th and 14th – Gold Offers up to 50% OFF

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Hello, Everyone! on this “Akshaya Tritiya” we are giving offers up to 50% off* on your gold purchase. Follow the simple few steps to claim this offer: Register here Enter the amount you want to purchase here Apply coupon “AKTR50” Add cart and continue the Purchase and to check your purchased gold, go to Menu

COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe??? & Benefits ???

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Ensuring the safety and quality of vaccines is one of WHO’s highest priorities. WHO works closely with national authorities to ensure that global norms and standards are developed and implemented to assess the quality, safety and efficacy of vaccines. The process to develop COVID vaccines is fast-tracked while maintaining the highest standards: Given the urgent

Gold is Moving with rates

Gold is Moving with rates

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Interest rates have been a key driver for gold in both 2020 and 2021 As interest rates have moved higher, the gold price has decreased… …but higher inflation expectations may provide some support for gold.   Interest rates as a key driver One of the four key drivers of gold is the opportunity cost of holding it.1