Buy Gold with Discounts

Buy Gold with Discounts

17/01/2017 Blog, Fashion

In India, more than 80% of women buy gold on all occasions and most of the men like to invest in it. What if we get those with discounts???
This is the only company all over the world, Normally most of the people purchases gold in form of ornaments, they have to pay the present rate of the gold, wastage (V.A. in some areas), labour (if applies depends on the product), and even some charges are will be applied in some shops. There is another case of buying gold in shops through monthly chit, they’ll call as several names, and again people have to pay everything for their claiming product. Here, lies the point of losing their money in form of paying extra.

But, here in Atom Gold, people can purchase gold whenever they want, and much as they want starts from Re.1/- and it’s easy to claim whenever they want, directly from our franchisees, by just paying only the wastage.

So, what we are offering to the customers?

Customers can buy gold with discounts provided by us/gained by customers through any of our products purchased or shopped from our tied-up shops.

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